We had the photographer out. She was given the task of catching us all looking in the same direction for our annual family photo. Each year we are amazed at how much the boys change. We decided we’d like the sunset in the background…and cows. We would like cows in the picture. Should be pretty easy…after getting everyone dressed…in something nice…oh, and it was chilly outside!!




The outlaws tried to cooperate…





‘Cody, don’t lean on me.’


IMG_1487 ‘Reed, stop laughing at dad!’


IMG_1485  ‘Owen, no dork smiles.’


IMG_1488  ‘Levi…hello…Levi…’



Ok, forget the cows. Let’s have a little fun in what is left of the light.




Our loving photographer…my sister…told the boys to rope us 🙂



IMG_1477 Owen TOTALLY was into that one!


IMG_1509 Super cute Levi!


Quick we are loosing daylight…


IMG_1441 ‘Walk together…in a line…’




Family-color enhanced Close enough!


What a tradition 🙂