The helicopter was here on Friday. IMG_0935 The boys, little and big, were SUPER excited. We made the decision to try and apply some winter rye grass to a few crop fields. It not only will help with erosion of the soil, but will also provide feed for the cattle. They will be able to graze a bit this winter and then we should also be able to chop some in the spring. The problem was how to get the seed down in a timely fashion while the crops are still in the field. A helicopter was the answer! The 3 man crew came last week and planted just over 80 acres of rye grass in under an hour. Two men on the ground and one in the chopper.  The process was pretty amazing. IMG_0918We watched the chopper land, Scott move in with the skid steer and seed. The crew helped fill the spreader box and then off the chopper would go. IMG_0972IMG_0966He could spread about 30 acres then come back for another fill. It was pretty interesting. The crew asked the boys if they wanted to get closer, so when the chopper came in to refuel before leaving we got close to watch. The highlight was when the pilot came and said hello to the boys.

IMG_0980IMG_1007I think they are still on cloud 9!


I am thankful for the effort of the crew and the Lord’s gift of rain today. We have gone over a month without rain, but today we are having slow, steady rainfall. Hopefully this will get the rye grass off to a great start!