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Christmas time

Christmas is nearly here…according to the calendar. The weather outside is nearly 50! It feels more like March outside with all of the mud. I don’t think the animals are impressed.  I will save that for a future post. Anyway, we have been busy with family parties, hosting friends, school programs and general holiday buzz.


I wanted to share one quick project that the boys and I did this year.

We did a simple keepsake for our tree. I recycled a skirt that has seen lots of Christmas events. I simply used the underside of a decorated skirt. It  was a cream color.


I had each of the boys grab their favorite color. I painted one hand of each boy. We started with Reed.



They placed their hands around the skirt.


After all four boys had put a handprint down I went over each with their name and the year.



My hope is to do this every year until they are a lot older and these projects are no longer fun.




This is our finished product.



There have been a few times I have seen the boys under the tree measuring their hands in their brother’s prints.



Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!


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Pie Face

There are many pictures of this game floating on the internet. It is called Pie Face! We have played it several times as a family. We start giggling when the box is simply brought to the table! It is a game that even the 2 year old likes to play!


I’ve heard it is selling quickly off store shelves.





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Candy house fun!!

The boys broke out the gingerbread houses last Friday after Thanksgiving. That is an old tradition in our family. Check out the blog from our past :



This year it was just the boys decorating. We sent Scott Black Friday Shopping!!!


I will wait while you laugh.









He wasn’t shopping for toys. Laugh again.





He was shopping for livestock feed!


Anyway, we started with store bought houses that we hot glued together. Over the years we have learned the decorating part is what the boys love the most and waiting for the royal icing in the kits to dry never happens. The glue also makes the houses VERY strong.



We lined the breakfast nook table with paper, snapped a picture and off they went!



They each have their own style. It is fun to watch their creativity!



Scott got home in time to help us place the last few pieces of candy.





Once again the boys did a great job. I would highly recommend this project for anyone with little people. It is a fun way to kick off the holiday season.



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A visit from Flat Aggie

We were delighted to host Flat Aggie this past week. Please help us spread Flat Aggie to a classroom in your area! For those of you new to the program, it was created by two bloggers to help promote agriculture to students and teachers. For background on the project please visit Tales of a Kansas Mom: http://talesofakansasfarmmom.blogspot.com/p/flat-aggie.html and Rural Route 2:The Life & Times of an Illinois Farm Girl at https://illinoisfarmgirl.wordpress.com/ .

Flat Aggie’s Report:
Hello everyone! I have just been to the eastern edge of Iowa, in Blue Grass, visiting with the Powell Family. They are a century family farm operation of about 1,000 acres that raises Hereford beef cattle, hay, soybeans and corn. The operations is owned by Scott and Kim Powell and their four boys – Owen-8 years old, Cody- 7 years old, Levi- 5 years old and Reed- 2 years old and Scott’s parents, Rich and Linda Powell.
The day I arrived it was raining and cold. Scott was out mixing feed for the feed lot calves. The calves were weaned in September and were put in the feedlot to get started on feed. This is called background feeding. They use a variety of items in the feed mix, but the base is balage.

In the late spring hay is cut and then put into round bales before completely drying. The bales are then wrapped into a long tube. The moisture helps break down the hay and allows it to ferment. It is very easy for the cattle to digest. Scott uses a scale to add the proper amount of balage to the feed mixer.

The mixer constantly turns by the power take off shaft (PTO), from the tractor. There are big blades inside that help to […]

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Fun Things!!!

We have been hopping around here. We are in full swing of hockey season but just finished the football season on Sunday. Yeah!! Harvest is on the downhill side but we have had rain so things have slowed a bit. We took the time two weeks ago to take the boys to a local cattle show. It was an awesome day!!



Everyone had a great time and it was another good experience for them in the show ring.


We do have some FUN news….we have been invited to host Flat Aggie. It is a similar program to ‘Where’s Waldo’ but with and agriculture twist. She will be here next week and we will send a report out the first part of November. If you have a minute please help us spread the news about this program. It is another way to help promote agriculture and get children excited about learning where their food comes from. Please pass our blog onto your friends and family and have them sign up to get the latest posts. We are hoping to help the Kansas Farm Mom ( http://talesofakansasfarmmom.blogspot.com/) and the Illinois Farm Girl (https://illinoisfarmgirl.wordpress.com/) promote this program.


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Harvest Time

Harvest time is here. Football season is here. Hockey season has started. Cattle shows are starting this weekend. Wowza! Scott and I will sleep again someday. The car seems to have its own spot at the gas pump!  Right now we are in survivor mode. Football will be ending soon. It has been a great season for Owen and he is developing a love for the game.  We are happy to report the bean harvest for 2015 is finished and the corn harvest is underway. We grabbed a few pictures of one night at the field to share.




The harvest crew attempting our annual pre harvest photo. Scott loves it when I make him shut things down for pictures!


This is much better.


Cody and Grandpa off to pick.



Levi and Owen found a pile of beans to play in.


Reed…oh, Reedy!


Harvest begins our family meals out in the field. We are not always together for each meal, but we try.



In October this is our version of a table!



Back to work!



Harvest rolls on. Be safe everyone!



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After school

The boys have one spot on the ranch that is their hands down FAVORITE place. It isn’t the barn…or the sand pile…or the play yard. It requires a trip in the Kubota RTV. Somebody has to get out and open a gate or two on the way. The best place is…




We head there almost daily in the summer. The boys have been known to take a hike and play in the creek close to the house, but the best loved spots are those far out in the pasture.

The waterfalls change throughout the year. We love to watch and listen to them. The boys try and help change the course of the water on occasion!


There are always places to throw rocks,

drop sand,





move tree limbs,


and even just look for pretty rocks. No momma should have a pocket without a few ‘keeper rocks’ tucked deep inside.


The farm dog, Sam, is always up for a trip with his boys!


The day we took these photos was just last week. The boys had gotten out of school and off we went.



School was out but the learning was just beginning!!!



God bless farm kids and creeks!

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It is here. Football season has arrived. Have no fear we…okay, me and the boys, are still Buckeye fans to the core.  However, there is a new team we are cheering for. The Big O is playing tackle football. In our area of the country kids must wait until they are in third grade before starting tackle football. He looks so tiny in his pads!




We will cheer for his team nearly every weekend until the end of October.



Owen and Cody both also play hockey. Ice hockey. Evidently they take the idea of ‘rough boys’ to heart! Ice hockey post coming soon.


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Fish for dinner


Owen and Cody spent the day with Grandpa recently. They love fishing with him. They ask to go nearly everyday!



I was told fishing started slow and then they starting biting…and biting…and biting!


Before we knew it the boys has caught enough fish for dinner! They each caught several  Catfish and Largemouth Bass that were around 4 pounds each.  It was a great day…and a yummy dinner!!!


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A new lady is at the barn!

We have an addition to the family. I am happy to introduce Christmas. She is a new Haflinger  for Cody. He has really taken a liking to riding and we searched for a long time for a good partner for him. Cody and I drove to meet her in Illinois just after the county fair.


She has been with us for a month. She has put up with a lot! Cody rides nearly everyday.


He has spent time learning to braid lately and has often practiced on Christmas.




Owen has ridden his horse, Jim, several times as well.



The boys have played several games of Cops and Robbers!


The little boys also love to play with Christmas. Riding, brushing, leading…whatever!





This lady is an excellent addition to the family! We love her!!

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