My babies are growing up… too fast.

My sweet little Owen has turned into a boy with spindly legs and a desire to show calves.  Great…the showman in me is ecstatic…the momma in me is scared to death! At seven years old he has picked out his very own heifer, Miss Charger. She will be his partner in this adventure. Although he has been around cattle his entire life, he has never led a calf. Never held a show stick. Never had to ‘ set ’em square’. Never entered a show ring with a calf.

Thank goodness we have friends in the industry that are willing to share their knowledge.  Justin invited Owen up to his house for a showmanship lesson.



Introductions went rather well. Owen was to work with a steer calf that Justin has already worked with for some time.




With great patience, Justin tried to explain using the show stick,




and how to properly hold the halter when you lead and when using the stick.




With excitement Owen listened to Justin’s instructions and tried very hard. His little body pushed on the calf’s hoof.




Awesome. Calf was square. I was doing well up to this point. Then he led the calf. I had visions in my head of things going terribly wrong. I was very well aware that my baby…weighing only 54 pounds was going to lead a calf, weighing 900 pounds. He has led his horse many times, but a calf never. I held my breath.




Justin stayed close by and off they went. The steer was calm. Justin was calm. My knuckles were white holding the camera.




He did it!


Owen listened to Justin’s every word. We are grateful that he took the time to work with Owen. In the car on the way home Owen commented on the lesson…


“It was AWESOME!!”


We still have work to do. There is still a lot to learn in the showing end of this adventure. We are excited for what the amateur show season has in store.