It has been several years since we have all taken a vacation together. I think the last real family vacation was two kids ago! At any rate, we planned for a long time to take a trip and decided on Disney World. We went in January to have less crowds (yeah, right!). Also, that is the only time of year when things on the farm are slow. We will begin calving in February and the work builds as the ground thaws. Anyway, we surprised the boys with the news of our trip on Christmas day. It really didn’t sink in to them until we were on our way to Chicago the night before our 7am flight. A flight at 7Am ment we had the boys up and moving at 4am.

Jan 2015 iphone 066

Our flight was on time and we would soon be in the warm sunshine of Florida.

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Although I was hoping for naps. That didn’t happen. To my surprise there were no tears. All four boys did really well with the flying and the hustle of the airport.


I am lucky enough to have a friend that is a travel agent. She helped with the booking and was able to get us a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a savannah view. It was wonderful! Her company is Travel By Design –  . We highly recommend Julie and her team!


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This was the view from our room. Moments after we arrived we saw several animals – giraffe, zebra and Warthogs.

The boys spent the first day exploring our hotel and becoming ‘African Warriors’ …of course not giving up on their personalities though!

013                           016


During our trip we saw lots of things and walked A LOT! Scott was able to instill in the older boys a love for good roller coasters. Owen and Scott were able to ride Expedition Everest three times in just over 20 minutes. Cody and Levi joined them on the Star Wars ride. Oh…the fun they had!










We were so lucky that Nana was able to come and spend a few days with us! Reedy was so glad to see her. She was glad he recognized her!


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Aunt Dee was able to come and spend the evening with us as well. It turned into quiet the family adventure. We sure did have some good laughs though!

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We left Disney in the evening which meant we had a long flight ahead of us. Luckily the boys were able to grab a little nap during the flight. They were not excited about helping haul the luggage!

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Truly, I am not a lover of theme parks. I think they are expensive and WAY too crowded. Watching the boys light up at their new experiences seems to make it all worth it. They are all planning a return trip soon. I better start saving up!


The boys can get me to fly south pretty easily now. We arrived home in time to be hit by a snow storm. Just over 12 inches is outside.

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Welcome home. Now, back to reality!