We don’t take ‘normal’ vacations. Our vacations usually consist of one parent traveling to a destination with a collection of boys. The other parent stays behind and keeps things moving on the farm- making hay, feeding calves, planting row crops, ect. Recently, Scott, farm hand Jake and the two older boys headed out on their annual ‘boys trip’, to Amarillo, Texas. They enjoy the Working Ranch Rodeo Finals and look forward to the trip each year. Scott has attended for nearly 15 years straight.


Years ago I went on the trip. It was lovely…until we had children. 32 total driving hours in the car, 4 late night rodeos and eating fast food for nearly a week is not my idea of fun!


This year the boys made a stop in Topeka, Kansas for the URA finals rodeo on the way. Jimy Marten, a family friend, was a bull rider. He ended the year as reserve champ!


The boys had a great time on their trip!image They did do a little site seeing…imageimage   Of course no rodeo trip is complete without a fun rodeo pic. image

I am told that all of them had great fun during the day trips – no matter if they went shopping at western stores, to the canyon or just playing at the playground!imageimage


Once again I chose to stay behind with the two little boys and care for the animals. Timing worked that my mom came out to visit some extended family the same time. We picked her up late one night at the airport. image

We enjoyed going to breakfastimageimage with the little guys.  When we headed on our trip to visit extended family, of course we took a few fun treats to our family event. imageimage


imageCousin Scott from Kansas City thought chubby Reed was a hoot!


Cousin Craig from California was in charge of the three wheeler rides.image


Once the boys were home they were making fun things in the kitchen with Nana! imageimage

A few days after the boys returned from their vacation I took a one day trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. Ten hours in the car…to watch our niece Lori compete in the National Band Competition.image image



Scott was in charge of the boys all day…all four boys…all by himself…and they all survived!


We may not have typical vacations…but they are fun!!!