The boys school recently had a Barnyard Bash to raise money for the PTA. The boys each requested that I make a cake – one chose a barnyard cake and one a corn cake.   On Pintrest, the place loaded with cool ideas, there are lots of barnyard cakes. Some with fondant, some with colored buttercream, some with several tiers – the ideas are endless. There are no pins for a corn cake. I originally made it as a birthday cake for Levi’s 2nd birthday, but have also made it a few times for fundraising events in the area.  This is my attempt at explaining how I make it.  This corn cake is truly very simple to make. I hope you are able to use the idea!


Please keep in mind I am not a professional baker. I am not a cake artist. I am just a momma that enjoys making cakes for her boys.


Bake your favorite cake in a 13×9 pan. The type of cake doesn’t matter – make your favorite.



Place the cooled cake on your cake board and cut the corners off one end to look like an ear of corn.


Next mix up your icing.  I use a buttercream that is a medium consistency.


You want to cover the cake completely.


Next, you will need jelly beans in yellow color. Jelly Belly has a popcorn flavor that looks great. The taste with the sugary cake isn’t the best, but the colors on the jelly beans is what you need. I usually get about two pounds to be sure I have enough jelly beans.



Take the jelly beans and line them down the center of the cake. One by one.



Keep adding jelly beans until the top, front and sides are covered with rows of jelly beans. These are your kernels. No need to cover the end. That will get covered with fondant. Once you have the majority of the cake covered in jelly beans you can mix your fondant.




I purchased Wilton premade fondant and dyed it with Wilton green icing. They do make premade colored fondant. Once you have the fondant colored (that takes some time of mixing) roll it out on a surface that has been lightly dusted with powdered sugar.


You  will roll it out to about 1/4 to 1/8 ” thickness and cut the fondant in the shape of a leaf. At least two leaves will be needed, but you will have plenty of fondant. You will want a point at one end, larger middle and a rounder shaped bottom. Lay your cut fondant onto the cake.



Lay a second piece of fondant on the opposite side. It does not need to be perfect. No two leaves are alike!



If you have a hole where there were no jelly beans…and you ran out of jelly beans…just use another piece of fondant to fill in 🙂




Now, you have made a corn cake!


I hope you are able to use this idea. If you do make a cake, be sure to send me a note or leave a comment! I would love to hear about how it turned out. Happy decorating!



Cooled 13×9 cake on cake board or serving platter

4 cups buttercream icing (+/-)

Two pounds Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

One 24 oz box white fondant

Green food coloring (Wilton)

1/4 c. powdered sugar