Calving season is coming to a close. Our first baby arrived February 22nd. It was COLD!


The boys named the first calf Dipper, after a plane in the Disney Movie Planes Fire & Rescue. The babies that came in the cold weather were quickly put into the barn. Sometimes they rode a nice sled…because their momma had them in the back of the calving pasture!



One baby had to come inside to warm up her ears. We didn’t want  frostbite to get them. Reed was not certain about the whole event!



Owen’s show heifer from last year has proved to be an excellent momma. She gave him a heifer calf…I can’t report a name, because it has changed a dozen times so far!



Cody’s heifer made him wait for a while. She had her calf in considerably warmer weather. It was nearly 60 when a bull calf came safely. Cody named him Darth Vader. Code Man is a huge Star Wars Fan.





The babies have been such a fun things to check on everyday. The older boys love it  – probably because they get to drive the RTV! Skip and Reed just like being outside with the cattle.




Skip got his special calf just last week. We had a cow that could not feed her baby, so Skip decided to help care for the calf. He named the bull calf  Maru. Again, from the Disney Planes movie. Reed likes to help feed the baby as well.






We are waiting on the last 8 cows to calve. Hopefully we will be done on the next two weeks. For now, Scott and I  continue to check every 2-3 hours.