Reed was baptized recently. We decided to have a small ceremony at our home, with my Uncle performing the service. No big event ever goes on without lots of help. Thank you to everyone involved in the event, especially Angie for the food and  Haley & Kelly for the awesome photos!

The weather was beautiful! The sun shined above as we welcomed young Reed as a member of God’s Kingdom.


Uncle George opened the program with a few words on the meaning of Baptism. Do you know why you are baptized?



To say that he had some great words of wisdom was an understatement!


When called, Reed marched right down the ‘aisle’ to the front. It was as if he knew the day was for him…


Labor Day 2014-Kelly 148…or he thought Justin had a piece of candy.


He ended up walking right to Uncle George.


He found a comfortable spot and listened to the service.

237Labor Day 2014-Kelly 166


When it was time for the actual baptism he went right to his Godparents.

Dori held him as he was Baptized with water. 250

Scott and I watched proudly while he was anointed with oil and the cross of Christ.



Godparents Dori & Justin lit his Baptismal candle.  Reed sat quietly and watched. 255264


It was a great day. We felt so blessed to have everyone at our home celebrating a big event for young Reed.

After the service Reed was agreeable to a few pictures…a few:)

Labor Day 2014-Kelly 247Labor Day 2014-Kelly 221305313324


We had a fun evening with friends, family, and a  few fireworks 🙂




Labor Day 2014-Kelly 280321370Labor Day 2014-Kelly 281


There might have been a little ice cube fighting and then ash hands between Cody and Justin!



Don’t worry, the Silly String came out and finished the evening!


What a great day. We are blessed.

Labor Day 2014-Kelly 278