We have had a warm fall and are currently in harvest mode. I have taken a few pictures of our events around here, but have put them aside for now. There is another issue that is more important today.


Scott and I are praying for our ranching friends in South Dakota, Wyoming and Northern Nebraska. There are many people that lost not only their animals, but their income for the year. Many ranchers are still searching for their horses and cows. Most animals had not set on winter hair yet. The snow storm came quickly and has not had a lot of national media coverage. There are a few stories circulating on social media and I did find a news post


We are lucky. Our calves are in the feed lot close to feed and shelter. Our horses, old cows and bulls are close to feed and water. Maybe even a little fat. We don’t have hundreds of animals roaming on thousands of open acres.¬†We are lucky.


If you have a few extra minutes today say a little prayer for the folks out west. They sure could use it!