The babies are coming…the babies are coming!

Calving season is nearing the end. It has been a long one this year. As I write this post we have been lucky to have healthy calves, and relatively simple births this year. Recently we were outside when two calves were born within hours of each other. Scott happen to have my camera close and snapped a few new baby photos. This little crossbred bull was standing within 10 minutes of being born.

040 047 049 051


Since we were outside already, the boys decided to take a hike. They love the independence of hiking out into the pastures without Mom & Dad. Sometimes I wonder what they talk about…then other times I’m sure I don’t want to know!


052 055 057

Levi always takes a detour. He has to say hello to each and every horse.

062 063

The older boys are off…



Even our gentle giant, 16.3hands tall, stops eating while little Levi gives him a hello pat.



‘Come on Levi!’



Little did they know, Reed and I watched them the entire time. Scott took lots of pictures. He was in the pasture with them the entire time they were ‘exploring’. They are trying to grow up way too fast…