We had a house full for Labor Day! Scott, the boys and I hosted family for a special event last weekend. Folks began arriving on Friday and stayed thru Monday. We were able to spend lots of time with family from out of state that we usually don’t get to see.


We started the weekend off by celebrating birthdays. This time around we celebrated Nana and Tanner’s special days.



One happy fella…Uncle Scott came thru with a new BB gun!



Nana had a blast watching me get frustrated with the candle not lighting…but it was a darn good cheesecake! I did good on that one!!



Of course there was football. We were all decked out in Ohio State gear to support our team. It was a rough win.





Even had special Ohio State Jell-O Jigglers!


Food…oh, the food. Kelly, Nana and I had fun working together to feed the crew. It was a fun task. 191


We grew tighter bonds while we were together. Uncle George and Reed really hit it off!



There was also time to shoot the new gun…with Owen and Cody taking part in the practice/lesson.





Uncle Phil didn’t know which way to go with all the boys!


He did, however, make quiet the splash in the pool!



The kids were so happy the weather was great!



109 107


The big kids might have had a little fun as well!





Our house is never very still, but add a dozen or so extra people for 3 days and it REALLY doesn’t stop. Scott just smiled at all the activity in the house.



What a fun time we had! Memories were made.


Keep an eye out for an upcoming post with more pictures of the wonderful weekend!!