Harvest time is here. Football season is here. Hockey season has started. Cattle shows are starting this weekend. Wowza! Scott and I will sleep again someday. The car seems to have its own spot at the gas pump!  Right now we are in survivor mode. Football will be ending soon. It has been a great season for Owen and he is developing a love for the game.  We are happy to report the bean harvest for 2015 is finished and the corn harvest is underway. We grabbed a few pictures of one night at the field to share.





The harvest crew attempting our annual pre harvest photo. Scott loves it when I make him shut things down for pictures!



This is much better.



Cody and Grandpa off to pick.




Levi and Owen found a pile of beans to play in.



Reed…oh, Reedy!



Harvest begins our family meals out in the field. We are not always together for each meal, but we try.




In October this is our version of a table!




Back to work!




Harvest rolls on. Be safe everyone!