Harvest is moving right along. We are happy to report that we are finished with beans. 175





Levi took full advantage of the older boys being in school!

170 It became routine to take boys to school, Levi to the field, rush home for lunch then pick up the older boys and drop them off in different pieces of equipment for their turn to ride. Dinner was usually served out of the back of my car! We call it ‘Meals on Wheels’.



Two weeks ago the older boys and Scott went to the cattle sale. Grandpa, Levi, Reed and I tried to keep things moving.




There was rain rumored to come so we worked as hard as we could.  We were lucky to not have major breakdowns.  The rains did come and we ended up with a week to catch up on a few things. We plan to start back in the fields tomorrow. More details on the cattle sale to come:)