imageHarvest 2013 is complete! We officially finished on Friday…thank goodness. We finished this year by hauling into the grain bins and dumping via wagon. The overall yields were average. Nothing to celebrate but nothing to be upset by. An average year on all accounts. imageimage




This year was the first time Kim’s Mom, Kath/Nana, was able to ride in the combine. All these years of harvest and this is the first time she climbed into the machine for a ride!


I drove the combine a few times this year when Scott’s Dad/Grandpa was busy. Yep, pink boots and all this chick can run the big machine! image


Of course as we are happy to be finished with harvest there is still more work to be done. Our part time farm hand, Jake, has become very good at driving in the dark!image



The time change has been a bit tough on the guys. When its is dark at 5p everyone really wants to go inside and call it a day. Things are getting easier now that harvest is officially over, but now we rush to finish field work before the ground freezes. Always something!