My mom started a tradition many years ago of making gingerbread houses with her grandchildren. I used to be the cool Aunt that would help the kids. Mom made each piece from scratch in old clay molds.  The kids LOVED it!


Now, my kids are little and still LOVE making them. My Mom’s tradition is to do them the day after Thanksgiving.  My kids and I make gingerbread houses for nearly every holiday  – bunny houses at Easter, Haunted houses at Halloween and of course the traditional Christmas time gingerbread houses. The boys all get excited to make houses!


IMG_9006 Of course when they are little it is harder to keep them from eating the decorations!


IMG_9027  Or being outdone by their cousin!



IMG_1597  At our house, we start by covering the table. I take the lazy way and use pre made houses. I hot glue them together so that they are good and strong. The boys all know not to eat the decorations…but occasionally they sneak a bite 🙂


Every other year we are in Iowa and miss the tradition with cousins. Lucky for us, we have great friends to share the fun with. Owen and his best bud, Rachel,  have been best since the were 4. Her mom, Angie, and Scott actually went to high school together.  Our families enjoy loads of laughs together so having them do this fun project with us is awesome.











IMG_1599Little Reed was very into the event this year!!!





IMG_1612 Rachel was into the hand touch method!!!







Wait, what about snow????


image Our finished houses! They even had a powder sugar blizzard!! The creativity of the children amaze me. They had a great time getting icing everywhere. We all laugh when a candy piece hits the floor and rolls away!!


They make a mess. Mom would agree. However, the memories we make are Priceless!!!