We have had a wonderful week and I feel the need to share ūüôā The cattle and kids did very well at our local fair.¬†The boys are all too young to officially join the 4-H program so they decided to show cattle in the open division. The boys had lots of supporters at the fair.


Scott and I took the cattle in early, while the boys slept in their comfy beds. I tried to catch a quick nap on the tack box…photo courtesy of my good friend, Angie.



Grandpa and Grandma kept a watchful eye on the show ring. Cousin Caleb and Aunt Vicki checked out the fair and were in the stands to support the boys.



Nana, Papaw and Cousin Tanner made the 500 mile trip from southern Ohio to watch the boys. They were lots of help with Reed.




We had lots of help behind the scenes. We¬†were lucky enough to stall with some great friends. Their daughters all showed bucket calves in the open show. Our kids are all growing up together and our families have the best of times together! No show cattle work is complete without Justin and Haley there to help. We can’t thank them enough for taking so much time to help our family. We have many years of showing ahead and are so excited to have them lead the way!!






The boys took a total of four heifers. We had an early spring yearling and three spring heifers. The boys all picked their own little heifers in the spring. Owen showed a calf from his show heifer last year. Levi and Cody both picked a calf from our herd. The last several weeks have ment many, many hours in the barns Рrinsing, washing, walking, combing and feeding. It all came down to a few minutes in the show ring.

We had so many cattle at the show ring all at once. I see that only getting worse in the future. Thank goodness Jake was there! He is always willing to help us in any way he can. This time it was simply to hold whichever heifer wasn’t in the ring.


Levi wanted some support in the ring and he asked Justin, his hero, to assist him. He led his heifer, Dipper.


437   479



Cody showed his heifer, Dynamite. He requested Haley. Cody took the halter, but was most comfortable with Haley right beside him. I am not sure he realizes that she is engaged to be married to another man!






The Big O took the biggest risk. He took two heifers and showed them both on his own. His little heifer, Aayla gave him quiet the challenge at times. 469


The joy on his face was worth all his efforts with her,  I believe.

IMG_2830 Angie was able to catch this image of his face as he walked out of the ring.


The older heifer, Victoria, was 1300 pounds. To say this momma was on pins and needles was an understatement!! Owen doesn’t even weigh 70 pounds!




I am  excited to report that we had two class winners, a second and a fourth place. It was a great day for Diamond P Ranch!





Levi was so EXCITED to win his class. His favorite part of the entire fair was beating his older brothers at his very first cattle show! He is hooked on this whole cattle showing gig!


605 Owen and Victoria won their class and looked great!


Of course there was no shortage of laughs. We are so lucky to be surrounded by great friends doing what we all love. What a fun, fun day!!