The county fair is finally here! We have been preparing for this event all summer. We were all excited. Some of us knew what to expect – some didn’t. The boys seem to love the fair already. I’m not sure if they love it for the same reasons that Scott and I do, but as of right now we’ll take what we can get!

Owen and Cody are officially Clover Kids thru the 4-H program. They did Chalkboard flower pots as their project this year. They opted to go thru the interview judging where they had to explain their project to a judge. The Big O went first and Cody followed. They both answered a series of questions and then shook the judge’s hand before getting their ribbon. They each received a participation ribbon.

After judging we walked thru the cattle barn. We got an idea of where we wanted our pens and then headed back home for the next project. Papaw and Reed enjoyed the tour of the grounds!



Owen, Cody and Levi all entered bread dough animals in the open division of the Baked Goods Department. Nana had come back to town and took care of getting everything made.


Owen made an Octopus



Cody made another gator. He eventually painted it green with an egg wash.



Levi made a dog. He chose to just use a plain egg wash to make the dog look brown.


We rushed the bread into town on Monday morning. I am happy to report that the boys did very well with their dough art. Owen was 1st, Levi 2nd and Cody 4th. Our friend Rachel ended up in 3rd. They all want to try it again next year!

Two out of three posed by the viewing case.

image  image


Now that these projects are done it is onto cattle… stay tuned!