The county fair starts next week. As I am sure you all have said…’Where is the summer going?  Our county fair, The Great Mississippi Valley Fair, is rather large. Coming from Ohio, I tell people it is similar to the size of our state fair. There is lots of different things to do and lots of exhibits. Owen and Cody are part of the 4-H Clover Kids program. They made chalkboard flowerpots and will have an interview judging. They also chose heifers to take. We have some close friends with bucket calves that will show at the fair the same day. Let the lifelong friendships begin!


We have been conditioning the hair for several weeks on the heifers. Every morning we rinse coats and blow them out. I am very impressed at the boys dedication. They give it a good effort everyday.


173 Cody LOVES wash day!



Levi likes to be included in the cattle work.


The Big O is a great blow out guy. We’ve decided he can’t do it with his mouth closed.  🙂


Because we love the fair…or we are crazy I’m not sure which…Owen, Cody & Levi have entered the dough art competition at the fair also. They each make a dough project and it will be judged. Thank goodness when we decided to do this Nana was in town. She took ideas that the boys had and helped them created great pieces. They did a trial run a few weeks ago and she will be back to help with the competition pieces!



Ah, the memories we are making!!