The open cattle show was last week. It was a very early day but I will say TOTALLY worth it. Scott and I took heifers in early and then he stayed with them while I came home and got the boys. Nana and Papaw had agreed to keep the little boys at home until just before show time. At the grounds we had lots of time to visit with friends. 027

The heifers got an early bath. 011


They seemed to enjoy all the fans going in the barn. 022


We enjoyed supporting friends with bucket calves and their first cattle show as well. It was fun to all stall together, have all the kids play together, share camera duty, chat with other adults and know we’ll be doing this for years to come!

035Go Rachel & Greta!  Great job girls.


It was finally show time for the boys. Aunt Kelly sent a good luck message and we were excited that all 4 grandparents, both younger brothers, Aunt Vicki, cousin Caleb and lots of friends had come to support the boys.


Thank goodness Coach Justin was there to do the final prep work on the heifers. 054 052   Scott and I just look at each other with amazement at the things he can do with hair! He has done a great job getting the boys excited about showing cattle, teaching them showmanship skills and improving hair coats.


059 We made the walk down to the holding pens. I did my best to stay behind and not too close to the boys. My stomach was in knots enough for all of us! Being the mom is WAYYY more difficult than being the showman, I have quickly learned.  I wanted this to be a fun experience for them, not feed off my nerves. I didn’t care how they placed – just as long as nobody let go, got hurt, stepped on, cried…all those things. My mind was racing!


074 Cody stuck close to Haley. We have only recently gotten to know her but she has become a fast friend to all of us. To say Cody has taken a liking to her is an understatement. She had agreed to lead his heifer for him so that was a relief. He was ‘stick man’!


Coach Justin did a little more prepping for Owen. He was to lead his calf all by himself…my baby…only 7…leading a heifer that at times, can be a handful.

A few final words and off they went.


908002285006_703907214001_1000 Scott followed Owen in the arena. He was just as nervous as me, but somehow Dads can keep it under wraps better:)  I stood at the end of the arena. Hands shaking with nerves. Justin stood beside me, holding halters, just laughing! Several friends were stationed around the arena to capture the moment of the very first show. Thank you to Angie, Gwen & Vicki for all the photos!  908002296006_703910646001_1000 092145

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At the end of the show the boys were still in one piece and SMILING! I was so happy.We are so lucky to have great people in the industry that can teach us some things along the cattle show road and best buddies to enjoy the ride with. We couldn’t ask for a better maiden voyage for the Diamond P  Ranch Show Crew. 232323232fp83232_uqcshlukaxroqdfv765_vq=32___;75_356_WSNRCG=3_75634658337vq0mrj[1] The memory making has begun!