The 2014 corn crop is in the ground! Scott finished planting on Saturday. He thought he’d be done by noon, but something broke and our plans were quickly changed. His dad came and the two of them were able to get him back up and running after a trip for parts and some time working in a dusty crop field.

The last few weeks have been a blur really. The older boys are still in school, so Levi takes full advantage of being able to ride with Grandpa and Dad! image We deliver lunch and supper to the field nearly everyday. The boys at least get to say Hi to Dad at some point.


Although Scott is off in the crop fields the animals still need cared for. Owen and Cody are doing well with their show heifers. We work with them daily.



Wrangling four boys and two sometimes sassy heifers can get interesting.


Things turn out alright…





Everyone has a nearly one year old in a feed bucket, right? Hey, he is happy. That is what counts!



Happy farm boys…for the moment.


Now, onto beans.