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Corn is in!

The 2014 corn crop is in the ground! Scott finished planting on Saturday. He thought he’d be done by noon, but something broke and our plans were quickly changed. His dad came and the two of them were able to get him back up and running after a trip for parts and some time working in a dusty crop field.

The last few weeks have been a blur really. The older boys are still in school, so Levi takes full advantage of being able to ride with Grandpa and Dad!  We deliver lunch and supper to the field nearly everyday. The boys at least get to say Hi to Dad at some point.


Although Scott is off in the crop fields the animals still need cared for. Owen and Cody are doing well with their show heifers. We work with them daily.


Wrangling four boys and two sometimes sassy heifers can get interesting.


Things turn out alright…




Everyone has a nearly one year old in a feed bucket, right? Hey, he is happy. That is what counts!


Happy farm boys…for the moment.


Now, onto beans.


The Hammock

We have a hammock…a beloved hammock. The boys already have it out and strung between the cedars. Often the Big O will head out with a book and just read.


On occasion all three of the big guys gather around.


Usually starts with the older boys and soon they have little Levi talked into getting in.




The momma in me gets nervous. This can’t be good!



In the background I hear Scott laugh. I turn to look at him and ask what he is laughing at. When I look back my I couldn’t believe it…




yep, couldn’t believe it…







Levi had wrapped himself inside the hammock and the big boys took turns swinging him back and forth!


After a few moments they all piled inside!

Ah, these boys…They keep us laughing!



The Corn Cake

The boys school recently had a Barnyard Bash to raise money for the PTA. The boys each requested that I make a cake – one chose a barnyard cake and one a corn cake.   On Pintrest, the place loaded with cool ideas, there are lots of barnyard cakes. Some with fondant, some with colored buttercream, some with several tiers – the ideas are endless. There are no pins for a corn cake. I originally made it as a birthday cake for Levi’s 2nd birthday, but have also made it a few times for fundraising events in the area.  This is my attempt at explaining how I make it.  This corn cake is truly very simple to make. I hope you are able to use the idea!


Please keep in mind I am not a professional baker. I am not a cake artist. I am just a momma that enjoys making cakes for her boys.


Bake your favorite cake in a 13×9 pan. The type of cake doesn’t matter – make your favorite.


Place the cooled cake on your cake board and cut the corners off one end to look like an ear of corn.


Next mix up your icing.  I use a buttercream that is a medium consistency.

You want to cover the cake completely.

Next, you will need jelly beans in yellow color. Jelly Belly has a popcorn flavor that looks great. The taste with the sugary cake isn’t the best, but the colors on the jelly beans is what you need. I usually get about two pounds to be sure I have enough jelly beans.


Take the jelly beans and line them down the center of the cake. One by one.


Keep adding jelly beans until the top, front and sides are covered […]

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New calves

The babies are coming…the babies are coming!

Calving season is nearing the end. It has been a long one this year. As I write this post we have been lucky to have healthy calves, and relatively simple births this year. Recently we were outside when two calves were born within hours of each other. Scott happen to have my camera close and snapped a few new baby photos. This little crossbred bull was standing within 10 minutes of being born.


Since we were outside already, the boys decided to take a hike. They love the independence of hiking out into the pastures without Mom & Dad. Sometimes I wonder what they talk about…then other times I’m sure I don’t want to know!


Levi always takes a detour. He has to say hello to each and every horse.

The older boys are off…


Even our gentle giant, 16.3hands tall, stops eating while little Levi gives him a hello pat.

‘Come on Levi!’


Little did they know, Reed and I watched them the entire time. Scott took lots of pictures. He was in the pasture with them the entire time they were ‘exploring’. They are trying to grow up way too fast…

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Spring repairs

The weather has finally started to get a bit warmer. We are finally able to be outside! Over the winter projects tend to stack up. Some things must just wait until the weather is warm.


Case in point. This is one of the older barns, built in 1941.


Over the winter the tin roof had come loose and developed quite the rattle.


Never fear…a man and his ‘wobbly’ are on their way!

A few of the boys can’t wait to go along!


While Scott was fixing the roof there were several other things happening.



The boys were having a nice wrestling match in the grass.



This handsome fella was also busy! He worked hardest that day…

Jake…or ‘Big Jake’ as the boys call him, spent hours cleaning the feed lots and hauling manure. Hours…

Hey look, there goes Big Jake!


After the barns were fixed the boys finally got their ride 🙂



With the weather warming up, finally, the list of work that needs to be done continues to grow. Don’t let anyone fool you…we love it!

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Oh no…


Little Reed is on the move! He has just started climbing the steps…he will stand independently…walking is around the corner. What happened to our baby?!?!

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Could it be that spring is finally here?? We are expecting weather to be 60 or better on Sunday.


The baby calves continue to arrive. Overall they are healthy, but calving season is a bit slow this year.



We are just over half done, usually we only have a handful left to calve by late March.  Sometimes we go several days with nothing new, then there are days  we have two calves just hours apart. Last night we had a bull at midnight and a heifer at 3am.

The boys and I still like to walk out and check on the babies that we do have and all the ‘waiting ladies’. Levi gets such a kick out of petting calves…at least those he can catch!


We hope the warmer weather will decide it likes being in eastern Iowa…and will stay…for a LONG time!



Until then, we will wait.








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Ranch Bulls

To Whom It Concerns,


Where is warm the warm weather?!?!?


Please send it this way. We would love some fresh green grass. We have forgotten what it tastes like!



Thank you,

The Ranch Bulls

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Warmer weather


It is getting warmer in Iowa. Well…warm one day (50 degrees) and the next day cold again (20 degrees). The boys have loved being outside. I think the photos will explain the current events at our house…and the current state of my washing machine!!!




Someone is dreaming of being back in the pool…



Go ahead and laugh…we do!

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Calving Season

Calving season is here! Old man winter doesn’t want to give up, so we are actually pretty happy that we only have a handful of little ones on the ground.


“Dottie” is the only heifer that has been born. All the others have been bull calves…must be something in the water here!!!


On warmer days Reed helps with checking cows.


Scott does most evening and late night checks. Most nights I take the 3 & 6 am checks.


The cows have become so used to us walking thru they no longer get up. Most just look at us with the look of ‘Hey…turn the lights back off!’


However, when you have a brand new one during your shift your reminded of why we do them. This little guy weighed a whopping 114 pounds. His little momma handled things all by herself and both are doing well. Calves have been running a bit heavier this year.



We are nearly 1/4 thru with the spring calving group. Most days we want to cuddle with the boys and hit the snooze. Soon Old Man winter will pass, the grass will be green, the trees will have leaves and the cows will be turned out to pasture. Watching all the calves play makes these late nights and early mornings worth it!

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