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100 years



Century Farm…


100 years…




We made it! Our family has been blessed with the honor of a Century Farm Award from the state of Iowa. Several months ago we did all the research. Sitting around the dining room table at my in-laws one night,  we got online and started looking. We had two tablets, property deeds and abstracts spread all over. We thought we could apply for the Century Award but were wondering about the Heritage Award (150 years).   It was very interesting to talk about stories we thought we knew about the farm and how it got to our family. Researching finally gave us the facts. The farm was the driving force. This is our home. My kids play in trees and in creeks that their great grandfather probably played in!



How cool is that!

Scott and I were honored to be standing in the room with other family farm owners. We are very proud of the farm we have now with the boys. It was a true honor to stand on stage with Scott’s parents.

What a journey to get there for the entire family clear back from 1915!

It truly has been 100 years of kids, cows and corn! Maybe we will be here in another 50 years to get the Heritage Award!!


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Fair Time is here!

We have had a wonderful week and I feel the need to share 🙂 The cattle and kids did very well at our local fair. The boys are all too young to officially join the 4-H program so they decided to show cattle in the open division. The boys had lots of supporters at the fair.


Scott and I took the cattle in early, while the boys slept in their comfy beds. I tried to catch a quick nap on the tack box…photo courtesy of my good friend, Angie.


Grandpa and Grandma kept a watchful eye on the show ring. Cousin Caleb and Aunt Vicki checked out the fair and were in the stands to support the boys.


Nana, Papaw and Cousin Tanner made the 500 mile trip from southern Ohio to watch the boys. They were lots of help with Reed.



We had lots of help behind the scenes. We were lucky enough to stall with some great friends. Their daughters all showed bucket calves in the open show. Our kids are all growing up together and our families have the best of times together! No show cattle work is complete without Justin and Haley there to help. We can’t thank them enough for taking so much time to help our family. We have many years of showing ahead and are so excited to have them lead the way!!



The boys took a total of four heifers. We had an early spring yearling and three spring heifers. The boys all picked their own little heifers in the spring. Owen showed a calf from his show heifer last year. Levi and Cody both picked a calf from our herd. The last several weeks have ment many, many hours in the barns – rinsing, washing, walking, combing […]

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The babies are here!

Calving season is coming to a close. Our first baby arrived February 22nd. It was COLD!

The boys named the first calf Dipper, after a plane in the Disney Movie Planes Fire & Rescue. The babies that came in the cold weather were quickly put into the barn. Sometimes they rode a nice sled…because their momma had them in the back of the calving pasture!


One baby had to come inside to warm up her ears. We didn’t want  frostbite to get them. Reed was not certain about the whole event!


Owen’s show heifer from last year has proved to be an excellent momma. She gave him a heifer calf…I can’t report a name, because it has changed a dozen times so far!


Cody’s heifer made him wait for a while. She had her calf in considerably warmer weather. It was nearly 60 when a bull calf came safely. Cody named him Darth Vader. Code Man is a huge Star Wars Fan.




The babies have been such a fun things to check on everyday. The older boys love it  – probably because they get to drive the RTV! Skip and Reed just like being outside with the cattle.



Skip got his special calf just last week. We had a cow that could not feed her baby, so Skip decided to help care for the calf. He named the bull calf  Maru. Again, from the Disney Planes movie. Reed likes to help feed the baby as well.




We are waiting on the last 8 cows to calve. Hopefully we will be done on the next two weeks. For now, Scott and I  continue to check every 2-3 hours.



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Snow, Snow, Go AWAY!

The snow came down on the First day of February. Scott spent most of the day in the plow truck. It came in several waves, but  we ended with a total of about 12 inched on the ground. Scott had a helper or two during the day.



Go ahead, say ‘Oh, boy”…or “Wow”… or “Goodness”.


It is pretty from the house.



The boys couldn’t wait to get outside and play.




The porch is fully of slushy boots, wet gloves and snow melting into puddles.


I’m not sure the birds were very happy about all the snow!


Another chance of snow is to come this week. Just a dusting of 1-3″ .


Can we swim yet??!??! This Momma is READY!!

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We took a trip

It has been several years since we have all taken a vacation together. I think the last real family vacation was two kids ago! At any rate, we planned for a long time to take a trip and decided on Disney World. We went in January to have less crowds (yeah, right!). Also, that is the only time of year when things on the farm are slow. We will begin calving in February and the work builds as the ground thaws. Anyway, we surprised the boys with the news of our trip on Christmas day. It really didn’t sink in to them until we were on our way to Chicago the night before our 7am flight. A flight at 7Am ment we had the boys up and moving at 4am.

Our flight was on time and we would soon be in the warm sunshine of Florida.


Although I was hoping for naps. That didn’t happen. To my surprise there were no tears. All four boys did really well with the flying and the hustle of the airport.


I am lucky enough to have a friend that is a travel agent. She helped with the booking and was able to get us a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a savannah view. It was wonderful! Her company is Travel By Design – http://designmytrip.net/  . We highly recommend Julie and her team!




This was the view from our room. Moments after we arrived we saw several animals – giraffe, zebra and Warthogs.

The boys spent the first day exploring our hotel and becoming ‘African Warriors’ …of course not giving up on their personalities though!



During our trip we saw lots of things and walked A LOT! Scott was able […]

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Harvest is in full swing

Harvest is moving right along. We are happy to report that we are finished with beans.



Levi took full advantage of the older boys being in school!

 It became routine to take boys to school, Levi to the field, rush home for lunch then pick up the older boys and drop them off in different pieces of equipment for their turn to ride. Dinner was usually served out of the back of my car! We call it ‘Meals on Wheels’.



Two weeks ago the older boys and Scott went to the cattle sale. Grandpa, Levi, Reed and I tried to keep things moving.


There was rain rumored to come so we worked as hard as we could.  We were lucky to not have major breakdowns.  The rains did come and we ended up with a week to catch up on a few things. We plan to start back in the fields tomorrow. More details on the cattle sale to come:)


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Reed’s Day

Reed was baptized recently. We decided to have a small ceremony at our home, with my Uncle performing the service. No big event ever goes on without lots of help. Thank you to everyone involved in the event, especially Angie for the food and  Haley & Kelly for the awesome photos!

The weather was beautiful! The sun shined above as we welcomed young Reed as a member of God’s Kingdom.

Uncle George opened the program with a few words on the meaning of Baptism. Do you know why you are baptized?


To say that he had some great words of wisdom was an understatement!


When called, Reed marched right down the ‘aisle’ to the front. It was as if he knew the day was for him…

…or he thought Justin had a piece of candy.


He ended up walking right to Uncle George.

He found a comfortable spot and listened to the service.


When it was time for the actual baptism he went right to his Godparents.

Dori held him as he was Baptized with water.

Scott and I watched proudly while he was anointed with oil and the cross of Christ.


Godparents Dori & Justin lit his Baptismal candle.  Reed sat quietly and watched.


It was a great day. We felt so blessed to have everyone at our home celebrating a big event for young Reed.

After the service Reed was agreeable to a few pictures…a few:)


We had a fun evening with friends, family, and a  few fireworks 🙂


There might have been a little ice cube fighting and then ash hands between Cody and Justin!


Don’t worry, the Silly String came out and finished the evening!


What a great day. We are blessed.



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House Full

We had a house full for Labor Day! Scott, the boys and I hosted family for a special event last weekend. Folks began arriving on Friday and stayed thru Monday. We were able to spend lots of time with family from out of state that we usually don’t get to see.


We started the weekend off by celebrating birthdays. This time around we celebrated Nana and Tanner’s special days.


One happy fella…Uncle Scott came thru with a new BB gun!


Nana had a blast watching me get frustrated with the candle not lighting…but it was a darn good cheesecake! I did good on that one!!


Of course there was football. We were all decked out in Ohio State gear to support our team. It was a rough win.


Even had special Ohio State Jell-O Jigglers!


Food…oh, the food. Kelly, Nana and I had fun working together to feed the crew. It was a fun task.


We grew tighter bonds while we were together. Uncle George and Reed really hit it off!


There was also time to shoot the new gun…with Owen and Cody taking part in the practice/lesson.




Uncle Phil didn’t know which way to go with all the boys!

He did, however, make quiet the splash in the pool!


The kids were so happy the weather was great!


The big kids might have had a little fun as well!



Our house is never very still, but add a dozen or so extra people for 3 days and it REALLY doesn’t stop. Scott just smiled at all the activity in the house.


What a fun time we had! Memories were made.


Keep an eye out for an upcoming post with more pictures of the wonderful weekend!!



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Ice Bucket

As many of you probably know there is an internet/social media buzz about the ALS ice bucket challenge. It is a great way to bring awareness of a horrible disease. Owen, Cody, Levi and I were nominated by Lacey Elliott to do this challenge. We gladly accepted.


Before we did our challenge, I made a donation. There happens to be a walk to support ALS research this weekend, August 23. A friend of mine, Carrie, lost her brother to this disease. We are supporting them in their walk this weekend. I encourage you to make a donation as well. If we all work together we can find a cure!


Welcome to My Fundraising Page


 Make a gift!

Team Tengman walks in memory of Matthew, a great brother, son, husband, dad, friend, nephew and cousin.  Forever fun-loving and light hearted.

Thank you for helping me reach my Walk to Defeat ALS® fundraising goal! This is an exciting opportunity for us to work together to support those affected by Lou Gehrig’s Disease and to spread awareness of the urgency to find treatments and a cure.

Please consider walking with me or sponsoring me. With your help, we will be able to make a difference in the lives of people affected by this disease. I encourage you get your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers involved!

Why We Need Your Help

Often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. The life expectancy of an ALS patient averages 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

Every 90 minutes a person in this country is diagnosed with ALS and every 90 minutes another […]

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We tried something new this year. We invested in a big creep feeder. The idea is to keep the calves growing and start them slowly on feed while they are still nursing their momma. We have thought the calves were looking good and finally caught one inside the creep feeder. She had a few buddies, but we caught the picture of just one!


The boys and I were out taking a regular trip to play in the creek waters when we snapped the picture. We also  grabbed a few photos of a group of calves one the way.


Hope you have found a spot to enjoy our cool summer!


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