The boys have one spot on the ranch that is their hands down FAVORITE place. It isn’t the barn…or the sand pile…or the play yard. It requires a trip in the Kubota RTV. Somebody has to get out and open a gate or two on the way. The best place is…





We head there almost daily in the summer. The boys have been known to take a hike and play in the creek close to the house, but the best loved spots are those far out in the pasture.

The waterfalls change throughout the year. We love to watch and listen to them. The boys try and help change the course of the water on occasion!



There are always places to throw rocks,


drop sand,






move tree limbs,



and even just look for pretty rocks. No momma should have a pocket without a few ‘keeper rocks’ tucked deep inside.



The farm dog, Sam, is always up for a trip with his boys!



The day we took these photos was just last week. The boys had gotten out of school and off we went.



School was out but the learning was just beginning!!!




God bless farm kids and creeks!