Century Farm…


100 years…





We made it! Our family has been blessed with the honor of a Century Farm Award from the state of Iowa. Several months ago we did all the research. Sitting around the dining room table at my in-laws one night,  we got online and started looking. We had two tablets, property deeds and abstracts spread all over. We thought we could apply for the Century Award but were wondering about the Heritage Award (150 years).   It was very interesting to talk about stories we thought we knew about the farm and how it got to our family. Researching finally gave us the facts. The farm was the driving force. This is our home. My kids play in trees and in creeks that their great grandfather probably played in!




How cool is that!

Scott and I were honored to be standing in the room with other family farm owners. We are very proud of the farm we have now with the boys. It was a true honor to stand on stage with Scott’s parents.

What a journey to get there for the entire family clear back from 1915!

It truly has been 100 years of kids, cows and corn! Maybe we will be here in another 50 years to get the Heritage Award!!